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What is Divine NFT, and how to get one?


Are you familiar with the Divine NFT? Whether you have just ventured into the fast-growing world of NFTs or have been in the business for some time, you certainly know that amazing NFT opportunities occur every day that you must not miss.

One such is the Divine NFT, for which many NFT fans are wondering how to get one? Does it make sense to invest in NFT, and what does it essentially represent?

In the last couple of years, one of the topics that came to the public’s attention is the famous NFT, i.e. Non-Fungible Token. There is almost no tech enthusiast who has not pondered on minting NFT or at least investing in one.

To thoroughly explain all this, before we give you thorough information regarding the Divine NFT, let’s see the original meaning of NFT.

What’s NFT?


An NFT stands for non-fungible token. This term actually refers to a digital asset that ties ownership to unique physical or digital items, including works of art, real estate, music or videos. It also uses a technology allowing the storage and authentication of virtual reality content on blockchains.

Once the content is registered, each transaction, ranging from transfers to sales, will be recorded on the blockchain. In effect, this creates an easily accessible record of provenance and price history.

Note that even though NFTs and cryptocurrencies are based on the same underlying blockchain technology, they differ greatly. Indeed, it happens that the actors involved are forced to buy NFTs with a cryptocurrency on Opensea. However, cryptocurrencies and NFTs serve different purposes.

Cryptocurrencies are fungible tokens, similar to fiat currencies. As for NFTs, create unique tokens that can show ownership and convey rights to digital assets.

What is Divine NFT?

The divine represents a collection of 4,477 hand-drawn, grandiose, other-worldly fighters that secure and sustains all that is great in the discernible universe of their domain.

The story behind the Divine NFT

They are directed and made by the omnivalent Arc and dwell in The Heavens. From The Fire, the dim world beneath The Heavens, devilish creatures emerged to battle and surpass The Arc. Eventually, The Fire fizzled, yet this made a spoiled imprint on The Arc and The Heavens; that wouldn’t be the last battle.

Each Divine NFT holder will be a piece of this battle as they get ready for the following Eradication.

The Divine NFT statistics

  • Created seven months ago
  • 4,476 token supply
  • 5% Fee
  • 4,185 Discord members
  • 8,043 Twitter followers

The Divine NFT NFTs were sold 16 times in the last 10 days. The total sales for The Divine NFT were $1.3k. The average price was $81.2. There are 1,869 The Divine NFT owners, owning a total supply of 4,476 tokens.

Mint Price       0.08 ETH

Blockchain      Ethereum


Site:     divinenft.io

Where to Buy: OpenSea


Recent The Divine NFT sales

Mage Taula Divine #625 sold for $313.7 9 days ago

Ar’alm Eq Divine #1079 sold for $295.9 11 days ago

Bri Tareuio Divine #1705 sold for $284.3 29 days ago

Iyivanas Divine #4430 sold for $242 16 days ago


10th percentile price

last 7 days



Median price

last 7 days



90th percentile price

last 7 days


Ten per cent of The Divine NFT sales were for $54 or less. Half of the sales were for less than $80. The highest ten per cent were sold for $130 or higher.

The most costly The Divine NFT sold was Mage Taula – Divine. It was sold for $313.7 on 2022-05-23. And there were 83 The Divine NFT NFTs sold over the most recent 30 days.

Over the most recent 30 days, the least expensive The Divine NFT deals were beneath $39, and the most elevated deals were for more than $123. The median cost for The Divine NFT was $62 over the most recent 30 days. Numerous clients who own The Divine NFT NFTs additionally own Mystic Sisterhood, Pixie Jars, Hunnys and Outlaw Gals MC.

The Divine NFT Traits

The Divine NFT Traits are as follows: aura, eyes, hair, lips, scar skin, tier, void, crown, shirt, tears, tattoos, bandages, earrings, eyeliner, necklace, headpiece, nose ring and background colour.

The Divine NFT Rarity

If you want to check out the rarity of Divine NFT, visit the website site has listed the Divine NFT collection based on the floor value, the number of items and holders, whether the NFTs are sold out, and that’s not all.

What is The Divine Anarchy NFT

Divine Anarchy NFT

Divine Anarchy is a decentralized NFT project that consolidates game theory and community to choose utility, community and experience for every one of the players. There will be 16,011 exceptional NFTs that will be made at launch.

The task is driven by AssetBender, who’s been in the crypto space in 2017 and has a sizable 12.4K supporters (at the hour of composing this) on Twitter.

The project has been gathering a great deal of consideration as the project account has 20K supporters on Twitter and 115K+ individuals in their Discord channel.

Divine Anarchy separates itself from different ventures by attempting to be the main NFT MMORPG that will permit its clients to impact what happens.

How to get Divine NFT?

Buy Divine NFT on OpenSea

To buy a Divine NFT on OpenSea, you must log in to your Opensea account. Then, choose the “Browse” tab. Indeed, the latter is, in a way, the heart of OpenSea to find the items to buy. Just type the name of the article in the search bar. Otherwise, there are multiple sorting and filtering options as needed.

By default, top collections and trending items appear at the top of search results. However, it is possible to refine the sorting options by “Recently Listed”, “Expiring Soon”, “Highest Price”, “Most Viewers”, etc. With the filters, it becomes possible to classify by collection, currency and shareable characteristics.

Once the NFT is found, simply select it and then choose “Buy Now” or “Bid Item”. Finally, you must sign for the transaction. In the case of an auction, it is necessary to wait for the buyer to accept or reject the offer.

To cancel an offer, you must pay a gas charge. On the other hand, by choosing the buy now option, the transaction will take place immediately after the digital signature. The asset will usually be transferred to the buyer’s wallet within minutes.

Why buy an NFT?


NFTs are units of data stored on blockchains. They cannot be deleted or modified once displayed. This feature is of particular importance when purchasing items such as artwork, limited edition media, etc.

Since NFTs are difficult to copy, they provide a degree of assurance. By purchasing a non-fungible token of a real-world asset, the customer is guaranteed to be the sole owner of it.

Furthermore, consumers are attracted to NFTs because they offer unique quality. Typically, artists only release a small number of limited-edition NFTs. However, consumers are willing to pay more for limited edition items. Additionally, many items invented and sold as NFTs are notable for their rarity.

For businesses leveraging the metaverse, NFTs open up a whole new method of selling, buying, and collecting digital assets.

The right investment

In truth, it is difficult to predict which NFT will or will not be a good investment. The future value of an NFT will mainly depend on the three elements above because they are the ones that will condition the demand for it.

Thus, it is recommended, before investing, to observe the following parameters (we will take the example of an image, which is the most widespread format currently):

The “look and feel” of NFT: is it beautiful? is it fun? is he “cool”? is he cute?

Originality: does it present differentiating elements compared to the majority of NFTs that you see?

Usefulness: what will it allow you to do? Access private community spaces? Have a right to vote in a project? Is there a fun aspect?

Will it allow me to participate in a game? To earn financial rewards (NFT, crypto-currencies…?)

Project: is there a long-term project behind it? Has the team planned to enrich the ecosystem/universe of this NFT? In this case, this acquisition could increase in value as the project takes shape.

Community: Is there an active community? Is there an accessible community space (Discord)?

The Supply: an NFT within a series of 10,000 units will often have less value than a similar NFT within a smaller series

Timing: it is often recommended to invest early (and on the primary market) to achieve greater capital gain.

The purchase value of NFT vs what you are willing to invest: like all crypto-assets, this is a very risky investment. It is, therefore, advisable not to invest more than what you are ready to lose! You may never be able to resell your NFT, or only at a much lower price.

More generally, like any decentralized and deregulated ecosystem, the value of an NFT is essentially based on the trust that users have in it. Only invest if you believe the project is trustworthy.

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