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Source: Michael Ballanger  (1/30/23) 

Michael Ballanger of GGM Advisory Inc. shares his thoughts on the S&P 500, the outlook of Gold and Silver, and specifically why he believes you should be interested in Norseman Silver Ltd. 

I was fortunate to have met Ian McAvity, a Canadian technical analyst. Their relationship with Jim Biddell (my boss) began years earlier, in the 1960s when Ian had been among the best squash players in Canada. Ian was actually a member the Canadian Champion Doubles Squash Team, which was once ranked number one in North America.

In addition to playing exhibition matches against Sharif Khan, a Pakistani-American professional champion, he also showcased the sport to South Afrikaan audiences soon after the fall of apartheid. Ian was an outstanding technical analyst who pioneered the use of logarithmic analyses to identify trends. He was also a skilled storyteller. It is wicked Sense of humor

I remember Ian giving a seminar at the Holiday Inn in London, Ontario. After the Q and A period ended, an elderly man with a bespectacled face began complaining loudly about the…

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