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Trading News for Beginners – How Energy News Shifts Stock Markets


Energy news can shift the market’s focus onto different products and trends, often with dramatic effect.

In fact, 50 years ago mainstream trading and investing markets failed to see the dangers of emissions to the environment because there was little to no alternative to fossil fuels. Through research, news stories and studies, we began to see different perspectives over time.

In the 1970s, environmental scientists and activists started to write news stories. Slowly, they reached respected trade journals. Market participants heard about the need to combat climate changes with products that used renewable energies like wind and solar.

Our perception of products has changed due to environmental awareness. You might be surprised to learn that electric cars were introduced in 1820s. They were loved for their cleaner engines. These machines were no longer in fashion after gas-powered cars arrived on the market in the early 1900s. This was also the time that the Model T was mass manufactured in the US. The 1990s saw electric cars gain popularity and encouraged investment in other vehicle companies.

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