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Trading Natural Gas and the Energy Crisis


Natural gas is a major energy source worldwide. In recent years, the trade in natural gas has attracted attention, particularly after the Ukraine conflict. Russia, one of the biggest gas producers in the globe, was hit with sanctions by the US, EU, as well as other countries. The European Union tried to reduce natural gaz consumption while other countries had the chance to increase natural gas production.

Many countries have turned towards renewable energy to meet their energy requirements. This blog will provide insight and forecasts on trading gas.

Here are some facts about natural gas

Natural gas is a source of fossil fuel energy. Many million-year-old marine animals and plants were found under rocks and sand on the ocean floor. The pressure and heat transformed the remains into natural gas and oil. You can also find natural gas deposits on the ground. Oil and natural gas companies will drill into rock layers and sand to locate oil and gas deposits. Sometimes, natural gas is converted to liquefied gas (LNG), which makes transportation simpler and minimizes volume. This process is known as…

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