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Trade Cocoa: Sweet or Bitter by 2023


How many times has trading cocoa been mentioned to you? It is likely that you have not heard about trading cocoa enough. Global trade activity is dominated by agricultural commodities. Cocoa is an important commodity that is traded around the world because it is one our most basic food ingredients.

Many factors affect cocoa’s supply and demand. This blog will provide all the information beginners need to trade cocoa.

Learn the basics of cocoa

Archaeological research shows that the cacao plant was first domesticated in equatorial South America. Archaeologists believe that the Olmecs of Central America consumed cocoa beans from 1500 to 1400 BC. Before the Spanish conquistadors arrived in America, cocoa beans were traded between Central and South American tribes as currency. 

Spanish invaders were delighted by cocoa beans and brought them back from Spain. The beverage was very popular in Europe during the 17th Century. In order to supply Europe with cocoa, the Spanish conquistadores established cocoa plantations. This was in addition to launching a highly profitable trading enterprise.

The countries that are most affected by the crisis include Indonesia, Ghana and Cote d’Ivoire.

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