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Tradeweb reports $23.2 trillion in trading volume in January


Official figures show that the quarterly revenue was $293.0 Million, an increase of 5.8% on a yearly basis. The average daily volume over the past three months was $1.1 trillion, which is 4.1% lower YoY.

The quarter’s net income jumped by 65%, to $99million. This was due to lower taxes due to changes in deferred tax assets as well as an increase in interest income.

Q4 EBITDA was $154.7 million. This is an adjusted EBITDA margin that registered 52.8% versus $140.1 million and 50.6% respectively in Q4 2021.

Tradeweb CEO, Billy Hult

Tradeweb posted its 23rd consecutive years of revenue growth in 2022. Our business’ breadth played a significant role in these results. We helped clients navigate volatility in interest rates, geopolitical risks, and fears of a global economic recession. Despite the fact that rates trading was affected by this environment in the fourth quarter of 2016, there was still a significant increase in year-over-year ADV growth in December for government bonds and swaps.

Tradeweb was founded 2023 by Billy Hult, who was promoted to CEO. Thomas Pluta became the President.

Hult added:

I am delighted to assume the CEO role and to welcome Tom Pluta…

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