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Suspicious “Industrial Accident” Points to Brewing Crisis


Another day, another “industrial accident” that media talking heads won’t talk about… or at least pay lip service to before moving onto the next distraction.

This time our industrial accident happened yesterday at a Nitrite plant in India:

Explosion In India News

Explosion In India News

Some news sites reported that witnesses to the events are claiming 5 separate explosions happened… 

And then a massive fire broke out.

A few factory workers had to be hospitalized for inhaling the smoke, while hundreds of people living in the area had to be moved away from the factory temporarily.

Now look, these chemicals are incredibly volatile. And the world’s a big place. 

It’s always possible that this was truly another accident.

But man, these “accidents” keep stacking up.

Despite efforts from “fact-checkers” to dismiss and suppress any other explanations, it’s getting hard to believe these are all coincidences.

And you know the chemical in question, nitrite?

It’s used to make fertilizer… which helps grow crops. Less fertilizer and you might not have enough food to feed people…

We’ve been tracking this theme for months now, and we don’t see it getting any better. In fact, we could be seeing the beginnings of a crisis that’ll make the energy crunch look like a speed bump.

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