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Platinum: Will it shine by 2023?


Trading platinum and the metal’s price fluctuations often make the financial news headlines. Platinum is a popular commodity among traders. Platinum is part of the precious metals group. It is not surprising that platinum has become a hot commodity for beginner traders. This blog is designed to provide valuable information on platinum that will help you expand your trading horizons.

Platinum fundamentals

Platinum is a rare and stable metal. Because of its unique chemical and physical properties, it is used often in jewellery, as well as for medical, electrical, or chemical applications.

Platinum is one the rarer elements of the Earth’s crust. You may find it in certain nickel and copper ore, as well some native deposits. South Africa is responsible for approximately 80% of world’s production. As a result of its rarity in the Earth’s crust, only a few hundred tonnes are produced each year. It has many important applications, making it one of the most precious precious metal commodities.

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