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PayPal Touches 5-Year Low – Time for Stock Accumulation?


#PayPal’s Stock price has fallen by around -76% Since July 2021, when the ATH peak was formed (309.47), it has been up to today. All gains made since 2018 were erased in order to extend the bearish trend 2021. Many factors are responsible for the current bearish tendency, including the declining revenue. In the previous quarter, the financial report showed that the company’s revenue fell by -18% Comparable to the same period in last year.

Stock prices are not always a fair reflection of the business’s true value. Comparing earnings per share (EPS), and the share price is a flawed but fair way to evaluate how sentiment around a company changed. PayPal suffered a 53% drop last year in earnings per share (EPS) and investors have been reluctant to put their faith in it. But now, with the loss reaching $74.00 It will definitely attract a new audience. Hedge funds and institutional investors have recently altered their holdings in the company.

Despite the company’s poor performance, most investors are likely still optimistic about PayPal. Based on TipRanks, 28 Wall Street analysts agreed that PayPal Holdings should be valued at $12 per month for the next 3 months. The average…

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