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The Challenges of Palladium in 2023


Palladium trading may not be as well-known as gold and silver trading. Palladium is still an important metal, which helps to make many products we use every day. A large number of applications and limited palladium supply draw investors’ attention.

We will be sharing some information with you in this blog that can help improve your knowledge of palladium.

Palladium fundamentals

William Hyde Wollaston was an English chemist who discovered Palladium (Pd), in 1802. He wanted to analyse samples of platinum ore taken from South America. Wollaston named this metal after 2 Pallas, an asteroid discovered in March 1802.

Palladium (a silvery-white metallic) is part of the platinum group metals family (PGMs). It is very ductile and can be easily worked. Palladium’s primary use is in car catalytic converters which help convert carbon monoxide to water and carbon dioxide. This metal can also be used in jewellery and electric contacts.   

The US has the largest concentrations of palladium in Russia, South Africa and Zimbabwe. Russia-based Nornickel produces the majority of the world’s palladium. More than half of the world’s palladium is converted into other metals in one year.

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