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Outlook 2023: The Gold


The hedge against uncertainty is gold expected to have an active year 2023. For the next 12 months there are many risks, but then there are the unforeseeable events that could disrupt markets. A number of expected changes in both fiscal and monetary policy could also affect the direction of gold’s price.

Gold is currently supported by two main sources. The weaker dollar and a slowing pace of Fed interest rate increases. Central banks all over the globe are buying up gold as they approach the end of the year. These reasons are difficult to discern because central banks are known for being very secretive about why they invest in safe-havens. One explanation is that gold is currently undervalued and will likely appreciate in the future.

Are you looking for more support from the Fed

One of the main selling points of gold is that it doesn’t suffer from inflation. So, given the skyrocketing CPI last year, how come gold didn’t spike? The rise in interest rates made the dollar attractive and raised expectations that inflation would fall.

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