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OANDA joins forces with KAIKO to offer digital assets and pricing services


Ambre Soubiran (CEO of Kaiko) added:

We are glad to partner with OANDA to bring IFRS and US GAAP-compliant exchange rates to Kaiko’s data services. Auditable FX rates are essential to a number of financial activities, and it was important for us to link Kaiko’s digital assets market data to a reliable FX data provider like OANDA. We will continue to strive to build a consolidated data offering that bridges traditional and crypto finance by ensuring the highest quality data throughout the journey from crypto exchanges into fiat.

Financial professionals require auditable foreign currency and digital asset rates to manage their business in a variety financial activities like reporting, reconciliation, auditing, and auditing. Under the partnership agreement, OANDA and Kaiko’s business and corporate clients will have access to accurate prices for both crypto and fiat currencies. The service will allow OANDA’s B2B clients to access auditable crypto/fiat prices powered by Kaiko for their financial reporting needs, while users of Kaiko services will gain access to OANDA’s compliant FX rates (which follow all IFRS and US GAAP standards) through dedicated crypto/fiat and fiat/fiat FX data feeds.

OANDA launched earlier in the year…

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