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New Zealand Economy – What You Should Know

New Zealand Economy – What You Should Know

Currency pairs based upon the New Zealand dollar are likely to be offered by your broker if you have only just begun trading. Currency pairs trading will allow you to discover new currencies that you might not have known about before. New Zealand Dollar is not as popular as US dollar, British Pound, or Euro but it’s one of the most widely traded currencies. It would be useful to know more about New Zealand’s economic situation, as the Reserve Bank of New Zealand is tightening up its monetary policies.

This blog aims to give you valuable insights regarding the New Zealand dollar, the country’s economy and prospects.

What should you know about New Zealand’s economy?

The New Zealand dollar is nicknamed “Kiwi” by many traders, and some reports suggest that it is the tenth most traded currency in the world. New Zealand’s currency is also used in some Pacific islands such as the Cook Islands, Pitcairn Islands etc.

In 1934, the RBNZ released its first banknotes. The RBNZ’s dual mandate is to achieve and maintain stability in the general level of prices over the medium term while supporting maximum sustainable employment.

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