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Netflix: The Next Quarter Will See A Slowdown in Growth


The US unadjusted CPI December was a slow month for the sixth consecutive month. 6.5%The lowest since October last years was -. Compared with the previous month, the seasonally adjusted CPI recorded –0.1%The new value was 0.1%, lower than market expectations. This is the first time in three years that data has fallen to a negative value. Additionally, Core CPI The December annual rate (excluding food prices and energy prices), saw the smallest increase in 12 months. 5.7%The monthly rate of the bank recorded an increase in 0.3%This is slightly higher than 0.2%, which was in line with market expectations. The Fed is allowed to slow down the pace of rate rises because overall prices pressures have been somewhat lessened. The market expects that the Fed will announce a 25 basis-point rate increase at its February meeting. It could also peak at 4.97% This is the year.

Fig.1: US Inflation Rate. Source: Trading Economics
Fig.1: US Inflation rate. Source: Trading Economics

This week, investors will embrace more earnings reports by US companies. Netflix Inc., one of the world’s leading entertainment services companies, based in California. The company will report its results in the coming weeks. Q4 2022 Earnings 19Th January (Thursday), After Close to the market


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