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MOEX reports a 17% decline in FX volumes for 2022


Forward and swap trades suffered the largest hit, reaching RUB 167.5 trillion. This is a 25.4% decrease compared to last year. However, spot trading volumes saw a 5.5% increase to RUB 100.4 trillion.

The MOEX’s equity, bonds, and derivatives markets also saw declines last year.

The Equity and Bond Market’s total trading volume was RUB 17.6 trillion. This is a decrease from the RUB 30.0 trillion in 2021. ADTV declined to RUB 69.5billion from RUB 117.6billion.

The trading volume of corporate, regional, and sovereign bonds fell to RUB 19.6 trillion in 2022, from RUB 22.24 trillion the year before. ADTV dropped to RUB77.6 billion, from RUB88 billion.

Derivatives market saw a greater decline of RUB 77.9 trillion to RUB 158.5 trillion by 2021. ADTV declined 50% to RUB 307.8 billion.

The money market was an exception. It rose 41.2%, to RUB 672 trillion, and ADV to RUB 26559 billion in 2022.

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