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Market Update – September 28 – Stocks Sold Off, Buck & Oil Up!


Stock markets are sold off Nikkei, Hang Seng and other Asian markets are underperforming. China worries and the dramatic rise in oil costs are impacting sentiment. USOIL reaches USD 94 a barrelThe 10-year Treasury yields reached their highest level since 2007, fueled by speculation about additional rate hikes and a rise in inflation fears.  The Feddove Kashkari made hawkish statements and the durable goods report was stronger than expected. Wall Street ended narrowly mixed. Japan’s 10-year rate hit a 20-year year high, with the debt selloff likely to test the BoJ’s resolve to maintain expansionary policies. The US 10-year rate is holding above 4.6% but is slightly down on yesterday’s close. In Europe and the US, stock futures have posted fractional gains as markets await central bank signals. Also in Europe, preliminary inflation data is expected for October.

  • USDIndex The week has been good for him. He climbed for the sixth day in a straight, reaching a maximum of 106.51. EURUSD 1.05 The floor is a good example of this. GBPUSD екламудор в 1.2112. The USDJPY Corrected 149.22 Post by 149.70 highs.
  • Stocks – JPN225 The following are some examples of how to get started: Hang Seng In the meantime, both lost -1.5% apiece. JPN225 The US dollar has dropped the most in a single day since July as concerns about interest rates remain high ….

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