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Market Update – October 26


Stocks and bonds have been rout midweek. Shares of tech companies have plummeted After poor earnings news Alphabet The sector was gloomy as the shares of this company fell by almost -10%. An increase in Treasury yields contributed to the selling. A surge in home sales and other signs of economic strength did not help. It only increased expectations that the Fed will raise rates later this year or in early 2024 due to the big GDP jump on Thursday. This, along with fears of other major headwinds in the future, added to a feedback loop which made investors fear that growth would slow dramatically next year.

  • Stock markets: It is important to note that the word “you” means “you”. US100 The worst decline since February was a -2.43% drop. The US500 The key fell below the key by -1.43% 4200 level. The US30 Slid -0.32%. The JPN225 Underperformed and corrected by -2.1 amid disappointing big technology earnings.
  • Futures The lower the cross, the better Europe and the US The ECB is kicking off the day today as markets await important central bank decisions.
  • Alphabet Shares dropped overnight by 9.5%, their lowest session since March 2020. Investors were disappointed at the slowdown in growth for its cloud division.
  • META The stock market fell 4% Wednesday, and then another 3% after the publication of this article.

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