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Market Update – December 20 – Pre-Christmas Surprise from BOJ


  • The USD Index It is between and betwixt among various drivers. It closed at 104.706, inside the day’s 104.931 to 103.50 range. The Advent of the holidays, and year’s end Lightening has been achieved Volume Moreover, it has exacerbated some market moves. Stocks are in red against Decembers’ seasonality. Treasuries Today’s fallParticularly for longer tenors, this is after the Bank of Japan Unexpectedly, a cap was raised on the 10-year-old Get the best yields It triggered a selloff on global bond markets.
  • Yields: 10-year rose to 3.71%, 30-years to 3.72%
  • The S&P 500 Dow Jones Market Data reports that December has seen a 73% increase in value since 1928. As of MondYou can find more information aty’s close, the S&P 500 had Fallen 6.4% in December.
  • EUR – tumbling between 1.0575-1.0650.
  • JPY – surged to 132.66 after the BOJ The company announced it would revise its yield curve control policies and unannouncedly widened the trading area for the 10-year government bonds yield. (Policy remains the same)
  • AUD & NZD The drift continued even after the BOJ announcement.
  • Stocks – The NASDAQ With the tumbled -1.49% S&P 500 Falling -0.90%, but the Dow The index fell -0.49%. Nikkei finished the day with a loss of -2.5%.
  • USOil – drifts to $75.20 From $76.55.
  • Gold – The number of people who have broken the barrier is higher than it was before, but they are still trying to do so. $1,800.
  • BTC – retested again the $16.200 floor. – Sam…

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