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Market Update – Asia stocks hit 2-week high as Fed talk turns dovish


Stock The markets rose overnight as traders reduced expectations of further rate increases in the US and as fears over the Israel-Hamas conflict continued to subside. Also, there were reports of more comprehensive and further stimulus measures. China, Despite the Hang Seng’s rally, the CSI 300 only managed to gain fractional gains. European Futures are down after yesterday’s rally. US Futures are mixed.

Germany: HICP remains far from the 2% target. With oil prices already reversing and wage growth remaining high, inflation will continue to exceed target in the near future.

  • USDIndex 105.95, After correcting yesterday’s dovish-leaning Fed remarks. After correcting on dovish leaning Fed comments yesterday. USDJPY Recovery 148.92 The following is a list of the most recent and relevant articles. 148.16 lows.
  • StocksTreasury yields have continued to decline and Wall Street has extended its recent gains amid increasing expectations that the FOMC will be done. The haven bid also helped to support Treasuries.  Wall Street Climb with the US100 Increasing by 0.58%, the US500 The rate of growth was 0.52%. The US30 The economy grew by 0.4%. Gains were spread across the board.
  • Oil Prices continue to fall from their highs of $87.24 per barrel seen early on Monday as markets continue to weigh the impact of Hamas’ attack on Israel over the…

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