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Latin America plans to use solar power’s advantages


Latin America plans to use solar power’s advantages

Already, sun energy has been successfully used in Latin America as well as the Caribbean. They have the largest solar power development plan, other than North America and the Eastern regions. The region plans to expand existing infrastructure and produce more solar power. The construction of solar capacity is currently more than four times higher than that of Europe and almost seven times higher than India’s.

The data revealed that only 3% to 4% of electricity produced in Latin America and the Caribbean (LAC) is due to solar power. However, this will soon change. The region has introduced almost 250 projects that will help to construct approximately 19,429 megawatts of sun’s energy capacity. GEM data indicates that the region will see a 70% increase in its solar power supply potential after the completion of the program.

The countries also plan to develop wind power. IThe overall growth of solar energy production will be influenced by ts capacities. LAC will therefore see a significant increase in clean energy supply. This will stop the amplifying of power…

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