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Register for our 2023 Q1 Market Outlook Live Webinar 16-1-2023


Recession, recovery and reset: What can we anticipate from the global market in 2023?

There are many options for the global economy as we move into 2023. These possibilities include a quick return of normalcy or a prolonged global recession. You can trade, invest, and prepare for financial disaster with our 2023 Market Outlook Webinar, Monday 16 January at 6 PM GMT.

Hosted by leading Market Strategist David Kindley and expert Market Researcher Daniel John Grady, our 2023 Q1 webinar “Global Recession Threatens Central Bank Recovery” explores the most probable market scenarios and what kind of trends we can expect to see in the forex, metal, cryptocurrency, stock and energy markets. These are the topics that will be discussed

> Can oil and the energy markets reach new all-time highs?

> Will inflation rates peak in 2023? What does this mean for the dollar and gold?

> Ukraine: How will the conflict end and how will it impact energy and oil prices?

> Will tech stocks hit record lows or deliver double-digit returns?

During the live 2023 Market Outlook Webinar, Orbex Research and Analysis Team is going to dive into all these questions.

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