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Introduction to Trading on Emerging Markets News

Introduction to Trading on Emerging Markets News

What is the biggest influence on asset prices in emerging market markets? Trading news

You will learn how trading news works in this article.

  • These are the elements that create emerging market volatility
  • Differences between mature and emerging markets
  • The news reports that you need to keep an eye on

“The world is tilting towards emerging markets.” Antoine van Agtmael.

Antoine van Agtmael was a Dutch economist who coined emerging markets at the beginning of his bank career. This term was used to describe developing countries like Brazil, China, and Africa. These markets should be viewed as a potential investment opportunity based on their raw material and human resources.

When he first became interested in emerging markets, his interest wasn’t shared by others in the trading and investing community, which was mainly focused on mature markets and wary of the high-risk nature of developing economies. Today, emerging markets are viewed differently. China is now the second-largest economy in the world, for example.

“In 50 years, China will be the anchoring economy of the world.” Antoine van Agtmael (2007 speech ‘The Emerging Markets Century’).

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