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Interest Rates: From 0% to Above 5% — to …?

Interest Rates: From 0% to Above 5% — to …?

“The lines in the chart will turn up, and no policy will stop it”

Elliott Wave International

As you’re probably aware, many people who want to borrow to make a major purchase like a house or a car are bemoaning higher interest rates.

It wasn’t so long ago that 3-month T-bill rates were around zero, and at least one prominent figure at the Federal Reserve said rates needed to stay super low for a good while.

Indeed, let’s go back to this June 18, 2021 headline (CNBC):

Fed’s Kashkari opposed to rate hikes at least through 2023

Elliott Wave International is a company that has been promoting the idea of a “wave” for many years. The market is a good way to find out more about the product. The trend of bond yields is determined by the interest rate (and bond yields). Not the Fed. The Fed is a mere Follow us on Instagram The bond market.

The July 13, 2021, was released just a few days after the Fed official had called for continued very low interest rates. Elliott Wave Theorist The chart and the commentary below offer a unique perspective (The Elliott Wave Theorist Monthly publication that provides an insight into major social and economic trends.

Rates at Zero but Not for Long

[The chart] shows that U.S. Treasury bill rates have edged closer and closer to zero …. The reason for the non-existent yields on T-bills is due to a single thing: a historically elevated social mood. … When…

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