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In rural America, right-to-repair laws are the leading edge of a pushback against growing corporate power


By Leland Glyna Penn State 

The tractors have become more advanced over the last two decades and the large manufacturers made it harder for farmers to repair them. Farmers are now forced to wait for their company-authorized repair technicians to arrive, rather than hiring them. Sometimes repairs can take days. This often leads to high costs and lost time.

A new memorandum of understanding between the country’s largest farm equipment maker, John Deere Corp., and the American Farm Bureau Federation is now raising hopes that U.S. farmers will finally regain the right to repair more of their own equipment.

Supporters of right-to repair laws believe that they are trying to slow down the progress of efforts to get right-torepair legislation around the country.

John Deere has promised to offer manuals, diagnostics, parts and support to independent repair shops and farmers under the terms and conditions of the agreement. But there’s a catch – the agreement isn’t legally binding, and, as part of the deal, the influential Farm Bureau promised not to support any federal or state right-to-repair legislation.

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