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How to trade Netflix after Q1 performance

How to trade Netflix after Q1 performance

Since Netflix’s 77% price crash from its record high of $700.99 in November 2021 to its multi-year low at $162.71 in May 2022, the management team have been trying to stabilise its share price in the face of an increasingly competitive streaming sector.  

Share prices are up by more than 100 percent from their low in May 2022, but have remained relatively range-based so far this year. All eyes have been on Netflix’s first quarter earnings results and new initiatives such as a crackdown on password sharing and its new ad-based streaming model.  

Below, you can find out more about Netflix and the forecasts of analysts for the stock. 

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Trading is high-risk and you may lose more money than you invest. You should never invest more money than you can afford as some trades may lose, and others will win. Start small.

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