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HFM’s Outlook 2023: US Stock Market and US500


US Stock Market and US500 – 2023 Outlook

The Fed’s monetary tightening in an effort to curb soaring inflation and the resultant recession risk have not been friendly to the stock market in 2022. The US500 has had its worst year for more than a decade. It suffered the first annual loss of -38.4% (double-digit percentage) since 2008.

The Conference Board projects that the US real GDP will grow by 0% in 2023 (compared to 1.5% for 2022). This outlook is pessimistic as it is lower than what is predicted for the World (2.1%) and the Mature Economies (0.4%) and Emerging Markets and Developing Economies (3.5%). While disposable income is expected not to change in the near future but consumer spending is projected for a slow but steady increase of more than $14K billion. Expected flat growth in total fixed investments is also expected, at an average +0.8%. A split US government could hinder Democrats’ ability to pass several large fiscal programs. While this may help in lowering the debt ceiling, it could also mean the government’s ability to provide economic relief will be hobbled should there be an economic downturn. In…

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