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Gold and Inflation: Here’s a Market Myth


“If you believe in Gold as a consumer price inflation hedge then…”

Elliott Wave International

In the Roman Empire’s days, a pound of gold could buy a Roman a well made toga, belt, and exquisitely crafted sandals.

Modern Rome is characterized by the fact that a businessman can be sharply dressed simply by purchasing the same ounce of Gold.

Yes, gold has held its value throughout the years. Jahrhunderte.

However, the relative Short term — which can last years — gold may not be the inflation hedge that gold bugs believe it to be.

In a moment, I’ll show you how this relates to what’s going on with gold and inflation Now. However, let’s first get insights from a chart and commentary from our February 2022 Global Market PerspectiveThe publication was made at a time inflation was actually getting under control (The monthly Global Market Perspective Elliott Wave International publishes a publication that covers more than 50 global financial markets.

The chart compares the U.S. dollar value of Gold to the annualized rate change in the U.S. Consumer Price Index. The CPI is increasing, so the Gold price should be rising if you believe in Gold. The five…

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