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FXOpen’s TOP-10 June 2022 PAMM Accounts


Summer is in full swing, but it doesn’t mean one should abandon their investment portfolio. It is important to follow seasoned providers and select the most experienced, successful and efficient traders in order to choose the most worthy and profitable ones for one’s portfolio in the future, or immediately join the most profitable offer.

By July 2022, 142 PAMM accounts were opened on FXOpen’s platform for a total of 2,362,370.00 USD.


Inspecto is one of FXOpen’s most stable providers. The account has been active for more than 2 years since June 2020, but the maximum drawdown remains at 17.56%. Within 2 years, this provider has earned more than 600% of the profit, which is quite impressive. June was not very profitable for them with just 0.80%, but the drawdown at the end of June did not exceed 1.53%. That is, trades are open and being monitored. The deposit load does not exceed 2.23%. As before, this trader prefers cross pairs. The minimum amount to join is 50 USD.

PAMM: inspecto


This manager has been successfully trading for 2.5 years, and for almost a year on the FXOpen platform. For the last 9 months, there has not been a single month in the drawdown, and the maximum drawdown does not exceed 17.53%, that is, the statistics are almost impeccable. The risks are conservative and the returns are moderate. In June, the account earned +10.38%, the maximum drawdown reached 17.23%, and the deposit load was at the level of 30.18%. But by July, there is no drawdown observed, trades are open, at the time of writing the review, they are all in the black. One can join this provider from 200 USD, the penalty for early withdrawal is 5%.

PAMM: fastway


This manager’s trading style is very conservative. Their account can be used as a safe haven for one’s savings. The account was launched in February 2020. The maximum drawdown for the entire time has yet to exceed 14.50%. This trader can be called stable. In general, since the beginning of the year, they have been trading successfully, only the first month was in the red. The maximum drawdown in June did not exceed 0.37%, with +0.65% profit earned. At the time of writing the review, there are no open trades on the account. The main trading pairs in June are AUDUSD, GBPUSD and EURUSD. You can join the offer from 100 USD.

PAMM: kwarst


This manager launched their account in June 2020 and has been trading on the FXOpen platform since May 2021. The maximum drawdown for the year did not exceed 28.52%, but since the beginning of the year it has been no more than 12.95%. In June, the maximum drawdown did not exceed 3%, and the profit was 8.04%. By the beginning of July, all trades were closed, and there was no floating drawdown observed. The main trading pairs are NZD/CAD, AUDCAD, AUDNZD. The standard amount that one can join an account with starts from 1 USD. There is no early exit penalty.

PAMM: pandorum


PierstageCapitl is a new account on the FXOpen site, although it was opened back in November 2019. They uploaded their statistics to the site on February 16. The trader shows interesting results: in June they earned +10.77% with a maximum drawdown of +0.32% and a deposit load of 4.53%. Main trading instruments: GBPUSD, AUDCAD, AUDNZD. The account is suitable for large investors, since one can join with an amount of 10,000 USD or more.

PAMM: pierstagecapitl


hyBrazil is the most conservative manager on our platform. Last year did not end too well for them, but since the beginning of this year the provider has been able to equalize the score. Since the beginning of 2022, all months have been closed with a plus. In June, +1.83% was earned with a maximum drawdown of 0.76% and a deposit load of 3.55%. The minimum amount for joining this manager’s account is 20 USD. The yield on the account is small, but according to the offer, the investor receives 75% of the income.

PAMM: hybrazil


haft8 has been trading since April 2021 on a EUR account. The maximum drawdown since opening an account is 32%. The account is interesting in that since November 2021 there has not been a single month in the red. And since the beginning of the year, 95% of the profit has been earned. In June, the provider earned 14.16%. The main trading pair is EURUSD. The manager’s deposit is gradually increasing, although the trader started trading with the amount of 1067.1 EUR. The maximum drawdown in early June was 16%, then gradually faded away, the deposit load reached 18%. There is no floating drawdown at the beginning of July. The minimum amount of investment in the account is 1,000 USD.

PAMM: haft8


XAUVSXAG is a newbie provider on the FXOpen platform, having started trading on the site since January 2022. Their trading is moderately aggressive. This is explained simply: the manager prefers trading in gold, and occasionally in silver. Since the beginning of the year, more than 100% of the profit has been earned, but the drawdown also reached 57.68%. In June, 16.49% was earned. The statistics show an interesting picture: this trader closes 98% of transactions in the black, and since mid-May there have been almost no drawdowns. One can join the provider from 100 USD.

PAMM: xauvsxag

Super Speculativ

The account was opened in December 2019. Since the beginning of 2022, only April has closed with a conservative minus. In June, there was practically no drawdown on the account, the deposit loading was at a minimum level of 0.79%. In June it was 0.65%. Recently, we have seen fairly stable trading, and the number of subscribers and the amount on the account are increasing. At the time of writing the review, there is no floating drawdown. You can join a trader from as little as $100, and there is no penalty for early withdrawal.

PAMM: superspeculativ


The account was opened in February 2022.  In less than half a year of work, it is clear that the provider is still getting used to the site and experimenting. In general, trading is profitable. The maximum drawdown in June reached 34.15%, but in July it started to decrease. The account leverage is set at 1:100. Profitability in June amounted to +7.20% with a maximum deposit load of 29%. It is worth noting that in June the manager most often traded the GBPUSD, GBPCHF and USDCHF pairs. One can still join the offer with an amount of 1 USD.

PAMM: shanti

These were the top 10 PAMM providers from the FXOpen ranking with good earnings prospects during the summer.

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