Home Market Slow recovery begins for FTSE 100 after a 1 month low

Slow recovery begins for FTSE 100 after a 1 month low


Friday’s one-month low of the FTSE 100 index – which measures the 100 most prestigious companies listed on the London stock exchange – was caused by a plunge in the FTSE 100 index.

Although there has been volatility over the past 30 days, the index has been fairly stable and has seen increased interest each day.

On Friday, December 16 however, it’s suddenly plunged to 7306, representing its lowest point by far in over 30 days.

Three days prior, the FTSC 100 index was at a very healthy 7566, so for it to plummet more than 200 points in three short days is quite a steep decline.

Maybe this is partly why, because it is not long-term. It is more related to the fact that the UK economy has been in decline for some time.

Analysts believe that the strikes in the public service are more important than the strikes that began on Friday last week. This coincides with the sudden fall of the FTSE 100 index. These strikes could also impact the operations of large corporations.

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