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FOMC, ECB and BoE to Hike Rates but Guidance Uncertain


This week is full of earnings, data and central bank actions. However, the monetary policy decisions coming from the FOMC, ECBAnd BoE. While rate increases are expected to be common, they are not the only thing that can be predicted. Different levels of inflation and growth will have different results and guidance. The Fed The expected increase in the exchange rate is 25 bps. ECB by 50 bps. The BoE There is an increase in risk for 25bps but the 50bps is being tightened. You can find out more about the BoE by clicking here.

A lot of data is available that will be used to inform future decisions. There are many key earnings reports due.

HFM · FOMC, ECB, BoE to Hike Rates But Guidance Uncertain!

The FOMC meeting (Tuesday, Wednesday) dominates the US landscape. Wednesday, 19:00 GMT will see the policy decision announced. A step down It is common to expect a 25 bp rise to a 4.625% Rate. After four consecutive 75 bp increases, the December rate fell to 50 basis points. However, a tight labor market and high inflation call for a further 50 basis point move to reach the terminal rate as soon as possible.

Comments from Governor Waller One of the most hawkish members of the Committee, who also supported a…

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