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Edgewater opens a new São Paulo office


Managing Director and Head of Sales, Americas, Jose-Antonio Buenaño said:

Brazil is a huge market and one of the fastest growing participants in currency trading worldwide. Edgewater believes strongly in ‘boots on the ground,’ where our uniquely experienced FX professionals, armed with unparalleled local knowledge, are closest to the markets, developments and players. With our significant and growing client base in Brazil, we’re excited to have São Paulo join our offices in Santiago, Mexico City.

Edgewater offers forex trading to financial institutions in five LatAm currencies: the Chilean Peso, the Mexican Peso(MXN), Brazil Real (BRL), Colombian Pesososososososososososososososos (COP), and Peruvian Solsososososososososososososososofo (PEN).

Brian Andreyko, Chief Product Officer at Edgewater, added:

We’re excited to be contributing to the growth and development of FX in Latin America, helping domestic markets expand their reach into the global institutional buy-side and sell-side trading communities. Our approach to technology sales is to partner with clients around the globe. This allows us to increase revenue per trade, local market share and expand relationships in FX and commodity markets .

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