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Does the Windsor Protocol mean Brexit is done?


There was quite a bit of fanfare around the signing of what is now called the “Windsor Protocol”. The UK and EU signed the “Windsor Protocol” to end the Northern Ireland Protocol, which had been a problem for the Brexit process for many years. The pound rose initially in hopes that the relationship between the countries would improve. However, there have been some problems.

Since then, the pound has traded sideways, influenced by other macroeconomic issues. Uncertainty over the protocol has also impeded the pound’s rise. It appears that this uncertainty will continue for quite some time. On the other hand, if it’s resolved, there could be another bump in the currency pairs. Here are some things you should be aware of in the Windsor Protocol process.

The problem is more important than the Protocol

The complicated, complex and long-standing situation in Northern Ireland has made it difficult to predict the future. There are some key factors that will affect how the market reacts. The main issue around getting the Windsor Protocol isn’t so much around getting enough votes in Parliament. The vast majority of Tories, and an even number of…

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