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December NFP: Where can I get USD?


December NFP: Where can I get USD?

  • Markets anticipate more than 200k new jobs in November.
  • According to FedWatch Tool, the Feds consider a lower rate increase for December.
  • In light of the weaker NFP reading, dollar bears could increase.

December is generally a quiet market month, but there is an increase in risk appetite as we approach the December NFP report.

What should you expect?

Markets predict that the US will create 200k more jobs in November after a growth of 261k October The unemployment rate has also increased from 3.7% To 3.6%.

It should be noted that 200k Although more jobs is a good thing, it represents the slowest rate of employment creation for 2022. It may also contribute to the tightening of financial conditions, which could result in the labor market becoming less flexible.

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics the main consumer price index dropped from 8.3% in September, to 7.3% in October 7.7% October

Tomorrow’s NFP report will focus on employment and wage growth changes since both are important to the Fed when determining monetary policy.

Less Hawkish Powell

Jerome Powell, Chairman of the FOMC, stated that it would be wise for interest rates to slow down. Powell stated that interest rates should eventually rise slightly more…

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