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COT Currencies: January 31st data shows Speculators raised Euro & New Zealand Dollar bets


By InvestMacro

The latest charts and statistics regarding the Commitment of Traders, (COT), data published by the Commodities Futures Trading Commission are here.

The latest COT data can be accessed through Tuesday, January 31st It gives an overview of how large traders (for profits speculators, and commercial entities), were placed in futures markets.

*** This data is nearly a full month old, as the CFTC’s most recent data has been delayed by a cybersecurity event in February that affected ION Cleared Derivatives (a subsidiary ION Markets). The hacking of ION has caused a problem for large trader positions that must be reported and reconciled. The CFTC stated that they will be filling in the data over the next couple of weeks and will get the data updated.

Weekly Speculator Changes led by Euro & New Zealand Dollar

Through January 31, the COT currency market speculator betting was higher as nine of the eleven currency markets that we cover had higher positioning, while the other two had lower speculator contract.

Leading the currency market gains was the EuroFX (16.160) with the New Zealand Dollar (6.212), Canadian Dollar (528 Contracts), British Pound (5.617…

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