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Coffee trading: an inside look

Coffee trading: an inside look

When you turn your coffee maker on in the morning, and the first smell of the hot beverage wakes you up, you definitely don’t think about trading coffee. But coffee is not just about drinking. Trade in coffee is an important part agricultural commodity trading. Coffee is becoming more popular and so does the demand.

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Coffee: The World’s Second Most Traded Commodity 

Coffee beans are what makes our coffee drink so we know this. What you probably don’t know is that, according to history researchers, the first people that drank coffee in a similar manner were Yemenis sometime in the 1400s. Coffee beans were first imported via Somalia from Ethiopia. Coffee consumption became very popular in Africa and Middle East quickly before Europeans were able to taste it.  

As coffee demand grew all over the globe, it became a worldwide commodity in the 20th Century. A survey shows that nearly a trillion cups are consumed annually. Coffee Arabica, and Coffee Robusta are two of the most widely grown coffee bean varieties. 

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