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CME Group records record ADV for March and Q1

CME Group records record ADV for March and Q1

March Performance

Last month, the Interest Rate ADV increased by 40% annually. In March, record numbers of contracts were traded with Secured Overnight Financial Rate (SOFR) futures. This record ADV reached 5,158,969 contracts on March 9. The marketplace’s SOFR options ADV hit at a record 2,943,422 contracts on the same day. Options ADV increased by 46% last month.

In March, the company saw its foreign currency ADV increase by 17%. The ADV for the Japanese Yen Futures rose by 36% while that for the Canadian Dollar Futures shot up 23%. CME Group reported previously that CME Group had recorded a record-setting single-daily volume for forex options and futures contracts at 3.15 million contracts on March 8, 2023. This volume was equivalent to $296 Billion in USD notional.

Additionally, Bitcoin futures ADV increased by 51% and Ether futures ADV increased 46% in March 2023.

Quartly figures

On a quarterly level, the same trend was noticed with CME Group reporting an 16%YoY rise in its interest rates ADV. The record high of 14,489 970 contracts set a new record. Record highs in SOFR options ADV and futures ADV led to this increase in interest rate ADV. These records reached 3,907.864 and 2,429.682 respectively.

In addition, the CME’s options ADV surged…

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