Home Featured Cauldron Energy starts drilling program in Melrose (Australia)

Cauldron Energy starts drilling program in Melrose (Australia)

Cauldron Energy starts drilling program in Melrose (Australia)

The new drilling operations aim to investigate geochemical nickel anomalies identified during recent electromagnetic surveys. Notably, Parle Investments Pty Ltd, a seasoned investor in the uranium sector, has emerged as a substantial shareholder, endorsing Cauldron’s unwavering commitment to uranium exploration. Cauldron received an additional $1.47m in investment from outside investors.

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Cauldron’s CEO Jonathan Fisher emphasised his support of Cauldron’s operation and exploration after Parle Investments’ acquisition of an 11.55% stake in Cauldron. Fisher said that a proactive approach to shareholder engagement would be the best way forward when attending the Global Uranium Conference in Adelaide (November 15-16) and RIU Resurgence Conference in Perth (November 22-23). Fisher hopes that the combined companies can use these platforms to showcase Cauldron’s progress and future endeavours to a global audience.

Fisher, Cauldron’s CEO, remarked:

Cauldron is a company with a well-established team, and a clearly defined strategic plan. This allows it to create value for its shareholders. Our projects have exciting potential for minerals that are critical to the Energy Transition.

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