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BTC and ETH – On Top of Their Clouds!


Bitcoin and ETH (D1)

Bitcoin seems to be awakening. After several days filled with doom and gloom, Bitcoin has taken a small dip below $022,000 Yesterday, the price accelerated its upward trend, reaching a peak of $80024,867This is its highest level since mid-2018 2022. Current standing at the $24585K level, BTCUSD It is about 11.4% within 24 hours 7.3% Over a week. Ethereum is up 9% Starting at $1682.

It is difficult to pinpoint a catalyst that would justify the rise in risk assets. Recent US data has been cited by several analysts.. Tuesday’s inflation figures exceeded expectations, but still lagged the previous report. Inflation figures for Tuesday were higher than expected, but still lagging behind the previous report. US CPI was 6.4% annualized in January, compared with 6.2% expected initially. Core CPI was 5.6% for the year, compared against 5.5% expected.

The USDIndex It defeated its main resistance at the 102 level, and is currently at 103.6 level. Cryptos have been resilient and the strength of the Dollar has not affected their confidence.

Riyad carey, analyst at Kaiko pointed to yesterday’s full price integration…

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