Home Market British Pound collapses against EUR and USD, despite ‘Bidenomics’ data

British Pound collapses against EUR and USD, despite ‘Bidenomics’ data


It has been a catastrophic few days for the British Pound.

Looking at the graph this morning which shows the Pound absolutely crashing against the US Dollar makes for somewhat alarming reading, as it lost further ground on the European market open this morning having begun its downward spiral on Friday last week.

In fact, the British Pound has now arrived at a value of 1.18 against the US Dollar, which is its lowest value in over a year, and although the downturn has been gradual over the past few weeks, the sudden further drop which began on Friday and continued this morning is a clear indicator of tanking value.

It’s almost the same situation when looking at the British Pound against the Euro. The Pound tanked to a low of 1.18 (same value as its standing against the Dollar today) on Friday, giving clear indication that despite the Eurozone’s economic woes, confidence suddenly left the building when it comes to the Pound at the end of last week.

Yes, the United Kingdom’s economy has been shattered by the current government having blown hundreds of billions of Pounds over the past two years with carefree abandon, and now expect the public to pay for it with increasing costs in energy, fuel taxation and interest rates as well as the effect of a delinquent economy crippled by government-imposed lockdowns, furlough schemes, misappropriated government-backed loans, multi-billion pound contracts handed to invested parties on the grounds of ‘Covid’, and subsequently Prime Minister Boris Johnson who is soon to leave office continually nailing his colors to the mast with Ukraine flags adorning his office and continually demonstrating vocal opponency toward Russia and its industry base.

This has exacerbated an already existing fiscal problem and now the piper has to be paid.

Inflation is at a 40 year high, and the cost of living crisis in the United Kingdom is not just media propaganda – it is real. Anyone walking the streets of provincial towns will see the food banks and charity dependence in full view.

Yes, the United States also pandered to the narratives of recent agendas, but its economy is not teetering despite its high inflation. Industrial production is still high and the nation appears to be fairing quite well despite tremendous challenges, hence the US Dollar’s surprising strength over recent months.

After a year marked by Democrats’ internal dysfunction, Congress has over the last few weeks suddenly delivered a raft of legislation that will help form the core of President Biden’s economic record before lawmakers face voters in the 2022 midterm elections.

Beyond the economic rescue package and bipartisan infrastructure law passed last year, Congress this month alone also approved a $280 billion measure to expand veterans health care, a $280 billion law to counter China’s economic rise, and the Inflation Reduction Act centered on addressing the climate crisis, lowering health-care costs and raising taxes on large corporations.

That appears to be straight out of the socialist instruction manual, which would usually be enough to frighten investors, but the pragmatic minds in the markets have been viewing the dire situation in Europe and weighing it up against a relatively productive situation in the United States.

Yes, President Biden has garnered poor confidence from investment-savvy professionals and individuals, and his anti-Russia stance is almost as strong as Boris Johnson’s (although Boris Johnson takes the accolade for being the most vocal). Biden has sent billions of Dollars to Ukraine, but still the economy is building itself up.

Right now, the British Pound’s low point is a serious matter for the currency markets.

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