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Basin Energy moves into the Athabasca Basin

Basin Energy moves into the Athabasca Basin

In a press release, the company highlighted its Advanced Geophysical Analysis that uses 3D inversions data. This dataset, which was created in collaboration with experts from Computational Geosciences Inc. and Convolutions Geoscience, has led to the identification of multiple priority anomalies which determine the position of the company’s next drill site. Geoscience experts say that these anomalies exist both above the Athabasca basin as well as below it. They are also present in the sandstone layer and the basement layer.

Basin Energy’s Managing Director, Pete Moorhouse, commented:

[The] Basin has continued advancing the Marshall Project through the reprocessing of historic geophysical data – this is a continuation of the recently updated work at North Millennium, which identified a significant unconformity target.

Combined with Basin’s recent work at North Millennium, the studies support our prospective analysis for this area, located within the heartland of the traditional uranium discoveries of the eastern Athabasca. With U3O8 spot prices continuing to surge, we are positioning Basin in the enviable position of having multiple top-quality exploration targets in the world’s best uranium…

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