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B2BinPay launches new website, pricing plan changes


Website update

The new B2BinPay website design has multiple pages dedicated to different products and/or services.

The new design includes a complete guide to Off-Chain as well as On-Chain transactions. Transactions on the blockchain are carried out using On-Chain, and require verification by other network users. These transactions do not incur commission fees but the associated blockchain fees apply.

Off-Chain transactions can be executed without the use of blockchain technology and take place almost immediately with no additional costs. This allows you to reduce transaction times and avoid paying blockchain fees.

Additionally, the Available Currencies” page provides customers with convenient and intuitive way of reviewing 80 available coins, allowing users to browse through a wide range of currencies with up-to-date information about current and newly supported assets.

The FAQs page provides quick and comprehensive answers to questions on a broad range of topics including services, features, security policies, and other topics.

B2BinPay’s API facilitates blockchain payments business can make into their existing systems. You can easily access all necessary documentation for setting up the platform, as well features such…

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