Thursday, October 6, 2022
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Australia has released a monthly CPI indicator. Its not pretty.


Eamonn Sheridan

Via the Australian Bureau of Statistics:

In summary it shows

  • the annual rise in the monthly CPI indicator increased from 5.5% in April
  • to 6.2% in May
  • then to 6.8%
  • June quarter CPI 6.1%

more to come

Coming up soon will be more timely releases. ABS says:


  • On 26 October 2022, the ABS will commence publication of a monthly CPI indicator. This first publication will occur alongside the release of the quarterly CPI. Thereafter, the monthly CPI indicator will be published around four weeks after the end of the reference month, starting with the October month release on 30 November. The exception to this will be the November data, which will be published in January.
  • The monthly CPI indicator will provide a timelier indication of inflation using the same data collected for use in the quarterly CPI. Each month will include updated prices for between 62 and 73 per cent of the weight of the quarterly CPI basket.
  • The quarterly CPI will continue to be Australia’s key measure of inflation

Australia does have a monthly inflation survey. It’s a helpful one but it does require a subscription. This publicly available data will be welcome.

AUd update:

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