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A $6bn boost for Australia’s Northern Territory

A $6bn boost for Australia’s Northern Territory

Ben Carter, the chief executive of Master Builders Northern Territory applauded Ben Carter’s announcement.

It is a multi-billion dollar partnership between the Australian Defence Department and the US Construction Sector. It’s going to create a surge in jobs, opportunities for thousands of businesses and other economy-wide benefits that will extend across the whole Top End.

ACIL Allen wrote the report commissioned to Master Builders Northern Territory by Master Builders Northern Territory. The report was dubbed by Master Builders Northern Territory. Billion Dollar PartnershipThis document shows an investment of 6,23bn dollars in the region for the next five-year period.

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The move, which covers 25 defence projects will generate an additional 7,500 new jobs in the region and stimulate economic growth by about 5%. This information was shared with Master Builders as part of their ongoing partnership with Australian Department of Defence.

The initiative highlights the Federal Government’s and Department of Defence’s focus on the Defence Strategic Review. Carter continued to comment:

The report confirms that the Top End construction sector is capable of delivering these projects. The DSR emphasized strategic…

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