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How to optimize a trading strategy

How to optimize a trading strategy

This is the perfect tutorial for anyone who wants to improve their existing trading strategy.

This article will share with you 9 simple methods that can help you increase your return on a strategy you are testing or that you already trade live.

These methods have either worked for me or I’ve seen other successful traders use them.

You can apply these concepts to any trading market.

You should only test these ideas. It’s not possible to optimize all trading strategies.

But if you do want to learn the best ways that I’ve discovered to improve a trading strategy, then keep reading…

Table of Contents

Increase Profit Target

Aim for a Higher Support/Resistance level

Increase your target size based on risk multiples

Profit target for the year to be reduced

Aim for a closer support/resistance level

Calculate smaller targets based on the risk multipliers

Trail Your Stop Loss

Use Optimal F

Use Trade Stacking

Hard Fade Entry

Divide Profit Targets

Reduce Entry Lot Size

Watch for Pullbacks in Entry

Final thoughts on optimizing trading strategies

Increase Profit Target

You can easily increase your…

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